Accolade Healthcare partners with DRIPT for IV Therapy Service

Accolade Healthcare consistently searches for programs and technology that would enhance our clinical services. Accolade Healthcare felt brining on a partner who provides preventative care would be beneficial for a large portion of our residents. By partnering with DRIPT we can offer a personalized IV hydration and vitamin nutrition program in-house. The service is being offered once or twice a month by a DRIPT Registered Nurse that will come onsite and work directly with our Accolade Healthcare clinical team.

DRIPT operates in multiple states across the US by teaming up with long term care facilities to offer their IV services. The IV Program DRIPT offers to residents can assist with symptom relief or prevent symptoms of:
– Malnutrition
– Urinary Tract Infection
– Chronic Wounds
– Dehydration
– Cognitive/ Function Decline
– Alzheimer’s / Dementia
– Weight Loss/ Management

Currently, Accolade Healthcare of Pontiac is the first site to receive services from DRIPT. “DRIPT has a great roll-out plan that ensured that the day of treatment went smooth for residents and our care team. Post treatment they provided key follow up items for monitoring residents and tracking changes,” said Malerie Orsowy, Administrator. Accolade Healthcare of Pontiac saw a decrease in hospitalizations, falls, and wound improvement with the resident population on DRIPT Services for a two-month period.

Accolade Healthcare’s Chief Clinical Officer, Monica Schreck agreed, “Preventable services can be incredibly beneficial for our post-acute population as well as long term care residents. With the outcomes we have seen at Accolade Healthcare of Pontiac we are planning to roll-out services to Accolade Healthcare of Peoria in early 2023.”

Accolade Healthcare plans to continue DRIPT services in other locations across Central, IL.