Patient services

At Accolade Healthcare of Paxton on Pells, your stay should be as enjoyable as possible. We take great steps to host a number of activities and delicious foods, so each guest can have a comfortable rehabilitation. From helping you get a discharge plan in place to transportation, we offer multiple amenities:


Our belief is that daily activities are extremely important for our resident’s physical and mental wellness. Each day there are a number of activities and events to get residents moving and engaged with our community. We know that each individual has different interests. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of events for residents to attend. Some of our activities include:

For the residents who like to stick to their room we offer 1 on 1 activities with a staff member such as card games, reading sessions, or any interest the guest may have.

We want our residents to treat this like their home. Therefore, we always encourage the family to join in on any event they would like!

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Social Services

Our Social Services team are always available to make the entire stay as stress free as possible. From the admission process to the discharge, they will walk you through each step and help to remedy any issues that could arise. Each team member checks in on our guests multiple times a day to make sure they are happy.

Each day we hold meetings to talk about the residents and address any residents who may need alternative care or attention. This allows for any problems to be addressed quickly and prevent any inconvenience.

Our dining hall stands above the rest because we partnered with Senova to bring tasty yet healthy food options at all of our meals. We offer a unique “restaurant-style” dining which allows for residents to eat at a time of their choosing with a larger selection at each meal.

We have “Wellness First” products, which are balanced meals that are prepared in our kitchen and incorporated with Senova’s evening snack menu and pantry supply selections. Per each resident’s needs, we can provide modified textures and meet any dietary need required. This way every guest can enjoy a delicious meal!

Alongside Senova, we have a registered dietician that keeps each resident on a healthy diet to benefit their recovery. They help recommend a diet that will incorporate the nutrients that they may need.

Business Office & Admission Coordinators

Figuring out your healthcare can be financially stressful and emotionally frustrating. So, let our Business Office and Admission Coordinators work with you to contact the Healthcare and Insurance Companies. Our team is very experienced and can guide you through the entire process. The insurance providers we currently accept are: